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Most of us, if we’ve lived for any length of time, have at least one of those moments when everything changed forever. One day you were moving along, life was going along in it’s same-old, same-old way and we thought this is the way that out life would be. These things around us would be these certain ways, our plans would work pretty much the way we expected them to, and even if there were a few variations, our life was pretty much laid out before us. (more…)


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I recently have been thinking about forgiveness, as I’ve said in another post. I found this article about St. Francis who in his early life was repelled by the lepers he encountered, and after praying about this God gave him the grace to change his heart so that he could love the most “unlovable.” During Lent we are trying to focus our mind on God’s love through his sacrifice for us – in a sense trying to understand how God loves us, the unlovable sinners. (more…)

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