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Most of us, if we’ve lived for any length of time, have at least one of those moments when everything changed forever. One day you were moving along, life was going along in it’s same-old, same-old way and we thought this is the way that out life would be. These things around us would be these certain ways, our plans would work pretty much the way we expected them to, and even if there were a few variations, our life was pretty much laid out before us. (more…)

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Sometimes the world just feels heavy. Sometimes it seems to me that life just presses down on me like a giant stone, trying to crush all the breath out of me. It feels like I’m the ghost of Jacob Marley dragging around all his chains . . . except sometimes the chains are mine, and sometimes the chains are just the world we live in. There are times when I just feel so tired of it all – the anger and hatred that surrounds us, the wicked deeds that are on the news, the suffering that so many innocent face everyday, the weight of my own sins. There are times when I just feel worn down by it all. I feel that way today, for no particular reason except that we live in an evil world and it just gets tiresome – and it’s true that the devil never takes a holiday. (more…)

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Remember that song from the Sound of Music, I think, “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start . . .” Well that just popped into my head. Really, when someone asks me about my faith, I never really know where to start. I think truly, it was before I was born because it says that God knows us before we are born and I really think it just goes back all that way. Let’s get something straight, I am a terrible person and I’ve done terrible things, and I can only claim to be a Christian because of God’s mercy on me and not because I’m an example to hold up of how to live your life. No. Oh, no. But I have known God my whole life. He has been faithful to me when I was not, and am not, faithful to Him. I am grateful for that beyond words, and most of the time I don’t even comprehend it. I would have kicked my butt to the curb long, long, ago. Luckily, God has more love and patience than I do. I heard recently that, “God loves us not because of who we are, but because of who he is.” It was such a wonderful revelation to me, such a load off my shoulders, because even though I know about forgiveness and grace, I hadn’t yet thought of the words to make it fit into my brain. I didn’t yet have a little anchor to hold onto when things (read those voices in my head that tell me what a loser I am) get stormy. (more…)

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